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Andy Sacher


November 2010 - Present

Sonic Foundry

Software Design Engineer

  • Maintained the Mediasite Player, a web application for viewing rich media presentations: video and images. (JavaScript with Silverlight, Windows Media, and native HTML5 video; C#/IIS back-end)
  • Developed a public JavaScript API to control players embedded in third-party web applications
  • Integrated player into notes-taking web application for tablet
  • Color themes in LESS/CSS and a system for adding customer-built themes
  • Migrating and upgrading player management options across multiple releases
  • Exporting content for distribution and local playback
November 2012 - Present
Open source

Reddit Enhancement Suite

JavaScript/CSS Developer

  • Popular cross-browser extension (JavaScript, CSS)
  • Supported end-users directly across several major and minor releases
  • Fixed bugs to accommodate browser changes and new reddit features
  • Added search functionality for RES settings and features
  • Integrated BitcoinTip functionality
  • Slight improvements to many small features
August 2010 - November 2011

Epic Systems

Software / Web Developer

  • Corporate intranet home page: employee and customer directory, interactive maps, HR forms
  • (HTML/CSS/JavaScript front-end, C# WebForms / MVC2 backend, T-SQL and Caché databases)
  • Rich search pulling from multiple data sources
  • Collaborated with graphic designer to implement several themes
  • Employee and customer directories backed by internal T-SQL / Caché databases
April 2010 - June 2010


Web Developer

  • Converted graphic designs into website templates
  • Maintained client websites
August 2009 - February 2010
Cazadero, CA

Dharma Publishing

Shipping Manager, Webmaster

  • Packaged and shipped books and art to domestic and international addresses
  • Handled customer service telephone calls, data entry, database cleanup
  • Managed warehouse, inventory, and supplies
  • Maintained website and online store
June 2003 - August 2009

University of Delaware

IT, A/V, Theatrical Technician

  • Desktop and laptop support for computing sites, classroom A/V equipment, personal computers
  • Maintain and operate theatrical equipment and manage performers
  • Record and remaster concerts and performances

Webmaster, Programmer

  • Create and maintain websites for public and internal use
  • Create and maintain databases

Teacher's Assistant, Tutor

  • Assist computer science professors in teaching and grading, run lab/discussion area
  • Tutor computer science students privately and in groups
June - August 2007
Williams, MA

Williamstown Theatre Festival

Sound Intern

  • Install, maintain, and run theatrical sound equipment for rehearsals and shows

Freelance Webmaster, IT Technician

  • Design and maintain personal and professional websites and online stores


September 2004 - May 2009
Newark, DE

University of Delaware

Bachelor of Arts

  • Majors: Computer Science, Theatre Production
  • Minor: Spanish Studies
  • GPA: 3.314 / 4.000
  • Study abroad programs in Spain, Chile, Peru, China, and London


Web Development

  • JavaScript, HTML/CSS, C#/.NET, PHP, Java, T-SQL, MySQL
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera
  • Mobile browsers (phones and tablets): Android, iOS, BlackBerry
  • Source control: Git/GitHub, Perforce, Subversion

Information Technology

  • Computer maintenance (networking, operating systems, software, hardware)
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu/Debian, Fedora)

A/V and Theatre Technology

  • Installing and operating lights and sound equipment for live shows
  • Recording and remastering live events and performances
  • Installing and maintaining speakers, projectors, VHS/DVD players, and other electronics

Foreign Languages

  • Spanish (proficient in reading, writing, speaking)
  • Mandarin Chinese (minor proficiency in reading)

Packing and Shipping

  • books, art, and other items
  • warehouse management, forklift operation